Thursday, July 23, 2015

Avocado Ice Cream

After checking out Alton Brown's recipe for the Ice Cream, I tried it and love it.
I have seen Avocado being used in place of eggs once in Ming's cooking show.  They made some sort of mousse dessert.  It looked so delicious.  I thought this is a perfect substitution to the rich formula I have been using - 6 to 8 eggs.  And Eggs!  oh my! I remember two years ago when I got food poisoned from licking the ice cream custard base that I prepared on July 4th evening.  Lucky I didn't die.  Maybe that's why my kidney got all messed up since then.  I was so busy that day with my grand-kids, and forgot all about it.   It sat in the kitchen good 4 hours or more.   When I found it, it was late in the evening.  I did the unthinkable myself and licked on the spoon to taste...hoping that it is still good... Come On!! you are ServeSafe trained.  Whaat?  Why did you do that!!?   the thought of Salmonella came across my mind.  Actually it was more than a lick?  a tongueful??  4 hours later into my sleep, my body cramped up and woke me up.   I had the worst sharp abdominal and head pain.  I barely could breath, etc, etc .  I was in the bathroom... you got the picture.   So I tried this Avocado Ice Cream recipe.  It turned out great.
So, try it!
Pre-freeze your ice cream maker overnight, if you are using one.

Ingredients:   *All my ingredients are Organic
12 oz Avocado   - Organic
1 TBsp Lemon juice  (from home grown)
1-1/2 C Milk - Organic
1/2 C Sugar - I used Organic Cane Sugar

1 C Heavy Cream

Puree everything, except heavy cream, in your NutriBullet, if you own one.
then, Add Cream.
Chill in Refrigerator 4 to 6 hours.   Then Freeze.
(I think you can add to your ice cream maker right away without pre-refrigeration, but I followed what it says.)
After pureeing - It looks like it is already ready to eat!! Doesn't it?

 Soft serve at this point.
After freezing... it's a bit too frozen overnight, but Da, Daaa!!
Next try - Kale or Spinach Ice Cream
I think it's really cool that we can make all kinds of delicious and "nutritious" ice cream at the same time.

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