Thursday, October 03, 2013

Updates on Lotus Seed Germination - My Pink Lips Lotus Seeds

This is the 3rd years of Pink Lips, and it has given me many joyful hours.   The 2nd Blossom produced 16 seeds that germinated.  Strangely this year, the germination took many days, contrary to the first year, it only took few hours to sprout and start to grow within 2 days.  These groups took more than 2 weeks+.  Regardless I am so very thankful for their rebirth.  I hope I can keep them alive through the winter, as the other two - CHAWANBASU and PINK LADY have decided to return to earth after last year.


 Breached Sprouting!!!

 Finally after two weeks later...   (using clean egg shells to keep them from floating.)

 Time to transplant to their permanent home.

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