Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013 LEGO Medusa Cake

I didn't want to wait too long to post this one.  But it was fun and challenging to make this cake.   After baking my grandson's birthday cakes for the past few times with this LEGO cake mold, I realized that to make the cake 3-D to stand up, the cake batter needs to be much firmer or dense cake in order to hold all the weight from Fondant draping over it.  Regardless, the cake is basically for the show.  You bake extra Chiffon cake to enjoy on the side or as a base of the figure cake.    I baked this cake for our office's Holiday party fund raiser last night.  I couldn't see it being sold to someone else, except for my grandson, so I end up donating the cash and kept the cake for my grandson.   Hope every one had a enjoyable time with your family tonight.   I think I can do the LEGO Frankenstein the next time.... :-)

I added extra half cup of flour to make the cake batter thicker to cause the cake to be dense to support buttercream frosting.
Cake Ingredients:    Creaming method
3 eggs  - separated and whipped with 1/4 C of sugar with egg yolks and 1/2 C with egg whites
1 Stick butter softened - whip up till pale with 1/4 C of sugar
1 cup sugar (- divided as above for eggs and butter)
1-1/2 C shifted flour
1 tsp baking powder with no aluminum (even though this cake only for the display)
 Rice Krispies treats - 1 batch- Add 1 C extra Rice Krispies to make firmer treat.  Shape into Medusa's backside body shape.

 Pre-make marshmallow fondant with green food color.
 1 batch Buttercream Frosting - follow the instruction on the back of powder sugar package.  Add few drops of green food color.

 Wrap the rolled out marshmallow fondant on bodice.
 Slice off the back side of the cake to make it flatter.  Frost the back and press the bodice together.
 Frost the cake and attach "octopus" sour gummy onto the head section.  Cut one section of red gummy with scissors to make eyes.  Use chocolatier tool sets or something sharp to poke eye sockets and insert cut eyes into them.

 Use Black and red Gel frosting with sparkles.   Have fun!

 "Be Ware!!! Do Not Look into the Eyes!!"


  1. Amazing! Too bad it is for display only.

    1. You can always eat the gummy worms on the head first. Or use Persian Chiffon Cake formula.


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