Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pink Lips 2012 - My Lotus

One beautiful Sunday late afternoon, I found my lotus "Pink Lips" poking it's head in the shade between it's large fanned warrior lotus leaves.    I said, "Oh Wow!, when did it show up?!"   I have been waiting for the sign of blossom pod since May.    No sign on any of the lotus this year.  Chawanbasu and Pink Lady did not show up at all this year.   And here it is, the single one and only Pink Lips.     Since it is already late afternoon, I knew I will have to wait for the morning to open up.   So the next day, I waited and waited.    Enjoy!  Namaste.

 Around 5:30 am
 Slowly the Pink Lips started to unravel its petals like the YOGA stretch.
 All the leaves are stretched wide like the radiant warrior. 
 As the Pink Lips started to open up, it filled the air with its unspeakable wonderful fragrance.

 Soon, a bee found it's way.  Dancing happily in it.

 It flew up and out for a few seconds and I noticed it sent a loud buzzing sound.  Then a moment later, another bee showed up, and it went right into the lotus to exchange with the other bee.  It too started to dance happily in the Lotus.
 At the end of the day, it closed gracefully in resting pose of Shavasana

 That very evening, the wind kicked up.  I knew that was the last time I would see it the next morning.  The next day, when I returned home, the Pink Lips started to fade - releasing all it's energy to the mother earth.

Today, the single stem of beautiful Lotus pod continue to grow.  It's seeds are growing larger and ready to rebirth.

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