Monday, April 18, 2011

Vanilla Beans

I ran out of 7 jars of Vanilla Paste that I have been using for my baking and especially for my Canneles de Bordeaux. While I have been hunting for the best possible price to replenish the vanilla paste, I decided to try the vanilla beans. While waiting for the arrival, I caught one of my recorded video on cooking channel.... Chef Sandra Lee, I believe was demonstrating how to make Open Apple Pie. One of the ingredients is the vanilla. She pointed out the vanilla beans that she is using has been soaked in the rum for two weeks. It gives a good flavor. So, I thought I would try. This is not a blog on how to make vanilla paste or whatever all the experienced foodies know how to. But to share the result of my rum soaked vanilla beans.
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  1. Potent and delicious flavours at the tip of a knife!

  2. I don't find the Haitian vanilla extract tasty. I am not sure what experience others have had with other brand or vanilla from other geographical area. I heard Mexican vanilla is excellent, and Madagascar's next.


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