Monday, February 13, 2006

Rum Fruits Preserves

The dehydrated fruits and canned pineapple soaked in spirit of Barcardi Rum, Brandy, and Grand Manier provides interesting taste to your regular sponge cake, holiday fruits cake, or just to sample some after dinner.
*This is very sugary and highly spirited. Recipe calls for real liquor.

PREPARE Rum Pot Starter:
1 clean 1/2 gallon or 4lb 6oz glass jar with lid
(use Maraschino Cherry jar)
2 Cups Maraschino Cherry juice
1/4 Cup Grand Manier
1/2 Cup Barcardi Rum
1/8 Cup Brandy
1 Cup granulated sugar

Total of 3 Cups of various dried fruits cut into 1/2-inch size:
Dried Cherries
Dried Apricot - cut into 1/2 inch
Dried Mango - cut into 1/2-inch pieces
Maraschino Cherry

1 Can -- 20 oz Pineapple Chunks drained well
Discard juice or use it for other recipe (for sweet and sour pork sauce for your dinner.)

You can buy large jar of marching cherry at your local COSTCO.
With1/4 jar of maraschino cherry left over, drop prepared 3 Cups of dried fruits and well drained pineapple into the glass jar. Cover the fruits with all liquid ingredients - Rum, Brandy, and Grand Manier. Top it off with 1 Cup of sugar. Place the lid on the jar, but not closed or tightened.

Place the jar in somewhat warm spot in the kitchen, and away from direct light. Sugar will slowly dissolve into the liquid in a week. If you see any sugar left on top on the 7th day, stir it once with the Wooden Spoon.

Prepare - 1 Cup of dried fruits or 1-20 oz drained pineapple on Alternate Week
1 Cup of Sugar
Add 1 Cup of dried fruits or drained pineapple.
Add 1 Cup of sugar on top.
Place the lid back (loose)

After two weeks, you can start enjoying the Rum Pot fruits with your favorite desserts or as is (in a small portion).
Always use Wooden Spoon to stir or scoop out.
Add Rum or Brandy when you feel it needs some kick or it started to taste sugary.

Prepare your cake mix. Add 1 Cup of Rum Pot fruits. Bake it in non-stick Bundt cake pan.
My favorite fruitcake recipe is from the foodnetwork, but modified in my own way to add my Rum pot fruits in place, etc. and Spray the cake with juice in the rum jar using the sprayer everyday for a week+ before presentation. Serve it warm.