Friday, May 27, 2016

Bagels, Baguettes, and Jalapeno Loaf

Sometimes you wonder if you could make several different products from a single dough.   Especially you don't want six same baguettes.  Bagels, mini baguettes, and Jalapeño loaf are what I decided to make.  And this is one of such test.   
The same starter has been fed and used to make the leavens over and over for next starter to make these breads.  Poolish and bulk leavens are the keys to make the sourdough bread style bagels, mini baguettes, and jalapeno loaf.  
To begin, a week to a week and a half ahead start building the starter.  
50/50 flour and water and a pinch of dry yeast in a clean jar with a lid.   I followed Tartine's starter recipe.  Let it ferment away from the light.  Keep the normal starter exchange duty every day.   Mx, cover, and ferment.  Once the leaven passed the floating test, it is added to the leaven ingredients to make bulk leavens.  Check previous postings on the sourdough bread formulas.   Once it also passed the floating test, it is combined with the main ingredients listed to make Leavens in the previous posting for the sourdough bread formulas, then, as instructed, mixed with the poolish, and so forth.

When leavens and poolish are mixed in well with the ingredients listed in the fomula.  Cover and let rise.  Do four turns every 40 minutes.  If the dough feels more time to develop gluten, do more turns.  When doubled in size after the satisfied last turn, transfer to work surface. Divide dough equally.  (I use digital scale.) 
BAGUETTES:  Shape some into baguettes.  Make slits.  Let rise till 1-1/2 time its original size.  Bake at 500'F. With steam. Doneness:  When golden brown and sound hollowish.  
BAGELS:   Shape others into bagels.  Cover and let rise to double in size.  Bring a pot of water to boiling, add some salt.  Turn heat to simmer.  Lower the raised bagel dough into water.  Boil for 1 minute.  Remove onto a rack.  'tranfer to baking sheet line with Silpat or parchment paper.   Apply eggwash.  Apply poppyseeds or other favorite toppings.  Bake in 500'F oven on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. 
JALAPENO LOAF:  Chop up well drained jalapeños  and roll out the dough for loaf bread by hands.  Sprinkle the jalapeños evenly on the rolled out dough.  Fold in each end of the dough to the center.  Form into rounds.  Line a bake proof round breadpan or pot with parchment paper.   When it rose 1-1/2 time its original size.  Bake at 500'F with lid on. With steam.  Done when the internal temperature reads 210'F at least.   Open the lid to Brown the bread, if necessary.  Lower the temp at that point to 475'F.
            frothy starter                                             floating test

Bagel is simmered in hot water for a minute, transfer to a rack, egg wash is applied, poppy seeds are sprinkled, baked in pre-heated 500'F oven. 
Divide some dough out to make bagels.  Round the dough.  Cover and rest. 
Apply egg wash and sprinkle with poppy seeds.

Fresh Mulberry Pie

Mulberry tree grew tall and filled with mulberries hanging off its branches at my friend's ranch farm.  On a windy day, my friend explained, that Mulberries would fall naturally to the ground.  They can be picked off from the ground and rinsed off.  Each mulberry came attached with stem. Pluck them off, and they are ready to be made into Mulberry pie the way you like it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

NUTRiBullet 900 series vs NUTRiBullet

This is my new vegefruit drink processor.  I couldn't pass the bargain during 2015 holiday sale at the COSTCO, and purchased it for $75.  It's NutriBullet 900 series. 

It came with much less cups with this series, but with powerful motor.   I encountered problem with NUTRiBullet last year.  The motor stopped turning.  I did everything I could - I thought - to revive it.  When I searched in the Internet for the How-To's, opening the case to clean out the possible build up of sipped out juices from the mixer cap housing counted me out from continuing.  I returned it.  But I really miss it.  The NUTRiBULLET came with several medium size processing cups that would have been perfect for a single batch.     I found out only after I returned it from my sister who I gifted her the same model that when she encountered the same issue - motor not turning, she dripped some hot water on the lock notch in the motor casing area.  That loosen the guey build up of the smoothies/drinks that occassionally sipped out of the rotor casing that you attached to the blender cup.   Because the direction of the rotor cap that goes onto the blender cup to lock position  is the same direction that you would turn to "PUSH and TWIST" to lock start the motor, when you try to stop the motor, it requires twist to the right that is the same direction to OPEN the rotor cap off the blender cup.  Hmmmm..... Therefore, there is the answer.  Magic Bullet company needs to change the direction of the PUSH and HOLD or PUSH and TWIST Lock to start the motor.  Otherwise, change the threading of the Cups so we open and close in the reverse direction.  This should keep the accidental loosening of the rotor cap during motor stop. 
So, I miss the smaller cup size in NUTRiBULLET 900 series that were included with NUTRiBULLET. They need to include better instruction in the package on how to remove the sticky build up in the motor housing area if it should occur.... include a mini-brush, sponge.... something like that.   I would have still kept the NUTRiBULLET and still bought the 900 series, likely.