Tuesday, April 06, 2021

My Cactus Collection

These were all 2 to 3 inch pot size succulent cactus or whatever else they are called.  Very interesting things to observed are that as soon as they are transferred to larger pots, over several hours, the cactus grew in sizes and shapes like they are stretching out their arms.

The little creamy-white flowers on this "Ladyfinger"cactus are real.  They shoot out its flower stem carefully of their fine nets of thorns surrounding itself and opens up after peeking out them.  

The one to the right is the Cereus Ming Thing Cactus.  I am not confident with the names, but if you know, please let me know.  It's a gnarly green mound of cactus.

Interesting part of this Ladyfingers are the tiny baby nodules growing all around are easily popping off and replanted to root itself in a few weeks.

This is Mammillaria Mystax or Elongata  Again, I am not sure I have identified it correctly.
See how its flower stem try to shoot out from behind a curtain of thorny stars

The flower on this one is a fake straw flower that came with it when I purchased it.  I wonder how its real flower bloom will look like.  Patiently waiting.
The is a pair of "Peruvian Old Ladies".  These 2 seems to be takings their good ole' time growing themselves.  Since these pictures were taken back in Jan - Feb, these two's white hair have grown longer.  The body - not so much.

This one is an interesting round "Ball" Cactus about 3" round.  Since replanting, it is now 3-1/2".  Not sure what the flower will look like, but looking forward to it.
This the surviving Ruby or Moon Ball Cactus - Red and Yellow.  After the first giant Ruby Ball's death, I try not o tend to this cactus too much.  Leave them behind sheer curtains for indirect light and less watering.
And this is?  another Mammillaria family(?) 



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