Thursday, May 16, 2019

Pancakes Pancakes. How many forms?

There are so many different recipes for puffy pancakes, Japanese style pancakes and so forth, and they are all available to follow with and posted in YOUTube, too.  Very convenient and helpful.  Make the cooking more like a science project and experimental.  Make the failure like, "Ta. Da!"  Let's do it again.  But I sure wished this Blogger app never went away.  I sure am not going with some other app, but the Blogger app was definitely so convenient.  So much for that.  This recipe is found in the YouTube.  They were talking about the funfair puffy pancakes very popular in Japan.  I wanted to check out the technique to make it a taller pancake.
Pretty thick batter.    I want to see if using a cake pan with parchment paper and baking in the oven would work?  It says to bake in the oven... really?

Here we go with some for the oven.
These are on the iron skillet.  Also to be baked in the oven.
And the instruction says to pour some more batter on the top.... waaa... it does not look good.  Maybe I am pouring the extra a bit too late.  'Timing' is everything...  The bottom is already too dry?

These are the different batch of pancakes tested on the griddle.  Looks much promising.
They are pretty puffy to me.  I would not compare mine to the pancakes being cooked at commercial vendor.  Who knows what's in those batter mix... hmmn?
Looks pretty good to me.
Pour some Bourbon Maple Syrup.
One single big pancake. 
(My Galaxy S10+ camera trick with "Focus" feature.)
Happy Pancake!