Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cooking with Curly Parsley and Fennel Greens

I found a new delicious way to make a great fried rice or dish using curly parsley and fennel greens. I never though I would use the fennel greens.  I was wondering about it for a long time.  I've seen some chef use it sparingly as a deco like in fennel salad.  But as it turned out, it tastes delicious in my dish. 
Be sure to wash all greens.  I soak them in salted water for a while, then, rinse them to my heart content to make sure that I rinse out as much pesticide or what not.  I do this to all produce whether they are organic or from my own garden... You heard about the incidents of rat lungworm disease in Hawaii recently?  Can't drop our guard. 

 I also used Cilantro in this dish.  Chop everything to nice bite size 1/2 inch or less.
Here I made 'OMELETTO' rice.   Cook the rice.  Set aside.  Stir fry parsley - about 1 min.
Add fennel and cilantro greens (stems, too).  Stir fry for 1 min.  Add cooked rice.   Add seasoning.
 Ha! the red stripes are Ketchup... unfortunately it splattered out of the bottle.  It's just for me, so I just spread the love around.
 Beat 2 eggs and make the omelette egg shell -- like Crepe.   If you would like, place the egg crepe in a bowl to form a mold.
You got the idea - then, fill the egg crepe, fold and reverse it onto a plate to serve.
Kids love the mystery rice.
I also fried some cut onions.  Set aside.  Stir fry thinly sliced chicken breast.  Stir fry with wine, then add soy sauce, sugar, then, add parsley, fennel green.  Season to your taste.
I served it with my omelette rice #2.
I also made Parsley Cilantro Hamburger.  It was so tasty!!  You know how to do this in your kitchen easy.
I definitely would make this hamburger again.  Parsley and Cilantro are inexpensive, and they turned out to be one of my favorite ingredients in my dish.