Saturday, October 22, 2016

My BlueApron Cooking Photo Journal

My photo journalling of adventure in cooking with   I started their service last year, and I am quite pleased with it.   Some are great and tasty, some are adventurous, I am learning to eat new vegetable types every month that I would have not otherwise even paid them any respectable attention for their nutrition value and existence at the market place ... never a dull moment in cooking.  There are few Asian fusion style menus that I am finding out that it's better to prepare them the 'way we know' rather than following its cooking methods, but over all I am and my family is pleased when I share the dish with them.
The shrimp is one of the downside in their menu because of their supplier, I think.  Even though their staff inform me that it's the type of shrimps from the gulf area that give the iodine taste and pinkish color (even if they are raw).  But slimy?  come on!  Even After - adding 1 cup of wine to soak and or to cook in, it is 'fishy' and taste so iodine like.... too bad, otherwise, shrimp is my favorites, and it's a great dish.  I have to skip shellfish in my preferences.   

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