Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Polly's Almond Pudding with Fruits Cocktails

Milk Almond Pudding is so refreshing and easy to make.
You will enjoy it anytime.
Even though I am lactose intolerant, I found this Organic milk by Stremicks Heritage Foods the best milk without giving me any side affects.  I have tried Organic Valley milk, but unfortunately, it does not do well with my system.
So, use whichever brand milk of your choice.

AGAR AGAR gelatin package or AGAR AGAR sticks, usually sold in Asian market - 1 inch square by 12 inches long, sold in set of 2 in clear plastic.
Follow the package to prepare the AGAR AGAR - instead of full 6 Cups of boiling water, add 3 C of water
(or buy powder AGAR AGAR package and dissolve 2 g to 120 g of liquid)

Add Organic Sugar - 3/4 C
1 tsp of pure Almond extract
3 C whole Organic Stremicks milk

Bring water in a pot to a boil.Stir in AGAR AGAR Powder.  Stir and cook over medium low heat to make sure all AGAR AGAR are dissolved completely.  Add sugar.  Stir until dissolved.
Add milk.
Transfer the mixture into a wide pan that you can slice easily the set pudding later.
Refrigerate until set.
When ready to serve.
Slice the set pudding into 1/1 inch squares or rectangles.

Add 2 cans of your fruits cocktails or cut up organic fresh fruits of your choice.


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