Thursday, March 15, 2012

Imperial Couscous with Beef

I love all the ingredients in this dish.    It is a wonderful combination of 'everything' available in my pantry type cooking - raisins, pinenuts, orange peels, etc.   Couscous is a new experience for me.  Just a small 1/3 Cup of it is enough to yield 1-1/2 C.  It is great to serve with Chicken or Beef Tagine prepared with various flavorful spices.    It's wonderful to learn variety of recipes.

 Serve with sprinkles of pinenuts.


  1. love your blog title. your posts are great. going to follow you too :)

  2. nice pics n tatsy recipes........happy 2 visit here...great....

    1. Hello, Maha, Welcome to my site. I am hoping to learn new recipes and test them from all the foodies who visits me to enrich my cooking experience.


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