Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Chardonnay Roasted Chicken

Hmmm..... well.  After the fact that I made this, I found out the new info on "Dry-Heat" method of what is "roasting" is.   After I made this I decided to dub this Chardonnay Roasted Chicken.... Well, learning is a progress of failure and success.  I am still happy with the result.  But,  I will try to correct the 'roasting' method the next time.  I am getting good at preparing this 'potato tourne', however.

And this chicken are boneless.  I carved the meat off the bone.  Seasoned with Cilantro Lemon Salt Pepper rub with fresh thyme.  Clasped the no-skin side together and tied it with strings.
Prepared mirepoix and spread them on the bottom and set the chicken on the top. 
Bones are frozen because I already have enough clear chicken stock from the last chicken.
Roasted covered at 375'F for 1hr 30 min.  Added 1/2 Cup of Chardonnay after 55 min of roasting.  As this chicken is roasted in my favorite roaster with cover, I broiled the chicken for 5 min to brown the top.  The broiling would be unnecessary if I had used the right technique.

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