Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sauteed Onion Glazed Chicken Breast with jus lie

I think by the end of March, I will be going through the Chickens as I have with pounds and pounds of flour for my baking adventure.  The more I learn about this "European" cooking method, I like the idea of adding varieties to the dishes prepared for my family - and economically. 
I was testing the Saute method to prepare the chicken breast slices.   They were lightly powdered with seasoned flour, and sauteed in butter.  I didn't have any recipe to follow.  I decided to saute the onion slices afterward in the same sauteuse.  Onions were sauteed till they are caramelized, then, smeared all over the chicken.   I prepared the jus lie with the drippings left in the pan.  Chardonnay + salt + fresh ground black peppers + sugar to taste.  Thickened slightly with Potato Starch (Japanese HOKKAIDO Potato Starch).

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