Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bread Adventure - Baguettes

Baguettes are great for breakfast or for sandwich.
Home testing 1 & 2 produced dense texture; but today, it turned out just the way I would like.
These test baguettes contain Starter that has been cultured for 10 days.  This particular Starter do contain 15 g of fresh yeast and is meant for Sourdough Multi-grain Bread.  Since I have been babysitting it for 10 days, and 360 g of it needs to be discarded, I decided to use it as pre-ferment dough called for the Baguettes.  Since I don't want too much of one type of bread getting stocked up in my freezer, I made them into round sandwich bread... might have qualified as Boule, if the size is at least 8 in.  But this one is brushed with olive oil and topped with poppy seed.

Previous Baguettes testings.  The outer crust is softer texture than today's.  Lots of spraying and steaming added to its result, but Baguettes only require 2 seconds of steam.  So, I did too much work for these, but now I know how to produce the crust that is soft:

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