Sunday, December 13, 2009

Persimmons - Un'tannin' by Frozen Method

Many people probably has already tried this "Freezing" method to "untannin" the astringent persimmons / HACHIYA persimmons.  Here is the result of my testing.
Both persimmons were FIRM unripe HACHIYA persimmons.
1.  One with peel
2.  One without
Both were washed and leaves were taken off but with stem.
Both were placed in the Freezer on the same day for supposed 24 hours freezing period.
Because I was busy, I left them frozen for several days.
According to a couple of sites, the freezing method would cause the "tannin" to disappear.
This is how they looked:  (double click on each image to view comments included.)

So what or how did they taste like?  That is the most important question.
First, it went down smooth, sweet, and yummy, but Alas! the after taste of the tannin showed up right away.  It was too good to be true.  Although the level of tannin were much much lower - let's say by 85% when compared to the raw form of the HACHIYA.  My mouth and throat felt the unpleasant 'drying' effect a bit.  Not enough to make you sick, but it took well over 30 minutes before it all went away.  If you have had a better experience than I did, please let me know.

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