Monday, November 27, 2017

My RAMEN Adventure

Yes! the RAW RAMEN Noodle is finally stocked at MITSUWA market (San Jose).  I was quite lost when I didn't see them being sold for several months or I have been just missing them all these months or always sold out.  There are many other 'RAMEN set' being sold with soup mix, etc. but I just want to buy the RAW RAMEN.  This picture is from previous posting - medium thick raw RAMEN.  This time, I purchased thick RAMEN.  These RAMEN is made and cut at perfect length for the perfect "Slurping!!"
There are 4 RAMEN in a package for $3.99. 
After several tries and watching "The Mind of a Chef" on NETFLIX visiting Japan in RAMEN adventure, I noted the most visible ingredients in one of the top RAMEN chef's TSUKEMEN soup stock.    I shopped Pig Neck Bones, Pork Belly ... that I normally would not have even thought of purchasing.  I slow simmered the neck bones with all the vegetables for a day and half.  Followed one of the CHA SHU recipe and prepared Pork Belly.
The result?  It was quite good for a homemade RAMEN.  TSUKEMEN is fun to eat as usual like eating ZARUSOBA in the summer time.  I tried the first bowl for myself, then, made some for my family during Thanksgiving weekend.  It turned out great.

Making CHA SHU - Pork Belly
 This is TSUKEMEN - You dip RAMEN noodle in concentrated dipping sauce/soup stock.
This is MISO RAMEN served with soup together.

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