Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Ever wanted to pound your own MOCHI to make that fluffy tasty round DAIFUKU MOCHI?
This will be my second time to try my hand on MOCHI-ZUKI (pound MOCHI at home). 
Here is my Photo Journal.
After soaking GLUTINOUS THAI RICE for several hours, sweet rice is steamed at high till cooked.
Then, they are added to my commercial size cake mixer bowl to be 'kneaded' into MOCHI.
Try it! using your smaller cake mixer - it works!
 I want to add YOMOGI - Mugworts plants into my MOCHI.  It adds color and make my MOCHI healthy treats.  (Rehydrating YOMOGI in warm water.)
Red Bean Paste Prep work:  Make your own Red Bean paste, if you have the time.  Otherwise, canned red bean pastes are heated in a pot till hot to allow moisture to dry up.  When the red bean pastes are thick.  Remove from heat and let it cool completely before using.
Hmmm... this is softer than I wanted.  I think the sweet rice was not cooked long enough.
Better job next year!
 Spread 'POTATO' starch - Japanese KATAKURIKO all over the baking sheet.
Transfer the pounded MOCHI and cover with KATAKURIKO.

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