Thursday, August 20, 2015

Peach Flavored Honey Meads

For a few days, I had my doubt the success of the honey mead.  The batch of raw honey I purchased was from the local grocery store, rather than directly from the local beekeeper.   But finally after a good long waiting, at a touch of a start of a simple stir, the honey sizzled upward like an effervescent spring, in effect, it out poured out of the jar.
 Fill with filtered water.
 Stir in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.
 After a week and a half, Miracle! the Bubbles and Sizzling sound.

 Fresh crisp peaches out of my garden.
 Peel and enclose them in cheesecloth.
 Add to the mead.

 After a couple of days, take it out.  Filter the meads through fine strainer.  I like to filter them through the coffee filters.  Then, bottle them in air tight capped bottle.  The bottle should be thick
enough to withstand the developed pressure in the bottle; otherwise, you will see a big mess of shattered bottle as though you had a great champagne party.
Cap air tight and keep undisturbed in a cool dark location for several months.

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