Saturday, September 11, 2021


 I thought I had to wait till it turns tannish in the backside before I pick them, but one morning I discovered all the seeds dropped off!!  It was amazing.

About 2 months later, the sunflower's head started to dip downwards from the weight.  The stem/stalk begin to look dry. 
Better Luck Next Summer.

My Lotus Garden 2021 - Photo Journal

  This year, these group of Lotus grew really well.  Although the original two plants I purchased back in 2019 still did not blossom, the ones I purchased this year "Little Green", just sprouted with the summer and gave a great show.  The ones from the variety seeds I purchased even thrived and gave beautiful flowers.  The only thing that is different from all other Lotus I planted - Pink Lips, etc. these new ones did not give as much scent in the air during it bloom.

Peeling seed after soaking for a couple of days.

This is from the seed.
Time to rest.  This pot of Lotus is from 2019.  It grew beautiful foliages but did not bloom.
The different species grew different seedings.
It was a great show this summer.