Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011- Golden Peanuts Sue-Giao (or Sue-Jiao)

There was a "Flower Fair" at the Chinatown, San Francisco, last weekend.  Even though the weather was bit damp, the street of Chinatown was filled with sunshine.  Street vendors filled the entire area with lots of interesting merchandise, flowers and trees, and candies and everything in red and green, etc... It was just fun being there.  And there we found a Lion Dance mask for my grand-children.  I was really excited to find it, too, that it is actually large enough for my grandson to hold it over his head, covered, and dance with it.  After we got home, we studied about the history of the Chinese Lion Dance over the Internet and found out that he has Southern Lion mask; then we studied how the lion dance was done over the YouTube.  My grandchildren spent a good few hours trying to learn the positions of sleep, bow, and dance.
I also made this WHA SEN SUE-GIAO (or JIAO) -- Flaky peanuts filled fried pastry.  It's a traditional pastry for the Chinese New Year.  I have only seen it made at our home when I was 7 or 8 years old.  Never after.  It has always been purchased.  With previously home made coconuts flakes (saved from the  time I made the Pandan Coconuts Chiffon Cake), I really like the taste of the filling.  I just never got used to the texture and sweetness of the store bought coconuts flakes.  Just don't taste right in my mouth.  Too grainy or coarse.  But this home made coconuts almost melts in the mouth,,,, but there is peanuts in this pastry sooo.... whatever... but it taste pretty good for once a year celebration.
So, Happy Chinese New Year and many best wishes, good health, and good luck to all.


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